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Hair Loss

There are many causes and treatments for hair loss in men and women. If you have this problem you need to speak to a dermatologist about it. The causes range in men from medical diseases, infections, reactions to medications and genetic hormonal hair loss. Women can experience hair loss for the same reasons as men but also from certain physical or emotional stress situations. One needs a full medical evaluation before treatment options are entertained. If all medical issues are eliminated and no medical treatment is available, then hair transplantation may be appropriate in men and women.

Excessive Hair Growth

Sometimes men or women experience more hair growth than they want. This is usually not a serious problem but certain medical conditions need to be evaluated first. If there is no correctable medical reason for the extra hair growth then laser hair removal is usually the best option. Most people are candidates for this new laser treatment but, as with any medical treatment, you need to go to a dermatologic laser surgeon or someone similarly trained to perform the laser treatments. If the wrong laser is used on the wrong skin type then scarring can be seen. You can even sometimes see more hair growth resulting. Since white and grey hair are very difficult to remove with lasers, we usually use a topical cream instead.

Nail Problems

There are so many causes of nail changes that a dermatologist needs to be consulted. There are no other medical professionals who specialize in nail problems. It may be an infection, a hormone abnormality, an allergic reaction, a medication reaction, trauma or a tumor causing the nail problem. Some nail conditions are curable and some are not.