Saline Injections


Pioneered by David J. Sire, MD and Advanced Skincare, saline injections are a safe, nearly painless and highly effective way to treat scarring of the skin. Saline injections are effective on shallow atrophic and “rolling type” scars. Saline injections can also be used prior to other procedures to reduce the amount of surgical trauma caused by a more aggressive procedure such as dermabrasion or laser resurfacing. In most cases, all treatment results are permanent, though some individuals may require maintenance injections.


Saline is injected into a scar. Each treatment takes 10-15 minutes to complete. For most patients, the results are seen gradually in about 10 treatments. Bi-monthly treatments are recommended for best results.


The saline treatment is helpful for the patient who has little time to recover and does not wish to appear “treated.” Following saline injections, recovery is fast and normal activities can be resumed immediately. Temporary swelling and redness immediately following treatment will subside within a few hours.

To learn more about saline injections, please read Dr. Sire’s article, “Sticking it to Scars,” which was published for Dermatology Times in June 2011.