Omnnilux LED Light Therapy

What is Omnilux?

Omnilux is a technology based on narrowband light emitting Diodes (LEDs). Each detachable treatment head delivers pure, optimized, narrowband light via a matrix of LEDs carefully positioned to deliver light to the treatment area. The light therapy combines blue LEDs and red LEDs to destroy the bacteria responsible for the inflammation of acne, while stimulating cell growth. Omnilux is designed to benefit individuals with mild to moderate inflammatory acne. 

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How Does Omnilux Work?

P.acnes (propionibacterium) produces natural chemicals called poryphyrins which are sensitive to light at different wavelengths. The Omnilux neutralizes p.acnes that causes redness and inflammation.


Safety eyewear will be provided to wear during treatment. You will experience a feeling of relaxation during and after treatment. Each treatment lasts approximately 20 minutes.


The light stimulates natural processes that go on after the treatment has stopped. Patients experience a 70-80% decrease of acne lesions. A series of 8 is recommended for optimum results. Visible results can be seen between 4-8 weeks after treatment.


Following treatment, you may resume normal activities. Remember to apply sunscreen daily and avoid excessive sun exposure.

The Omnilux LED Light Therapy is only available at our Burbank location.