Irregular Pigmentation

At some time in their lives, most people experience a pigmentation problem with their skin. It might start after an acne lesion, a skin injury or scar and in many women of color, be a reaction on their face to hormones. Pigmentation in the skin is usually from Melanin, a chemical produced in the skin cell called the Melanocyte ( sometimes pigmentation on the lower legs can be from old bruising as well).

Prevention of pigmentation disorders requires understanding where your problem is coming from. Treatments for thes problems are many and it is imperative to find out first the cause of the pigmentation.

At Kay Aesthetic Dermatology, we have experience in all treatments for the causes of irregular pigmentation. Treatments range from bleaching creams, combination creams, sun protection and sometimes chemical peels and laser treatments. You should only trust a trained Dermatologist to evaluate and create a treatment plan for these problems. It is important not to worsen this pigmentation.

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This is a problem with the loss of pigment in the skin. It is an autoimmune disease which, although not dangerous , can be very difficult for patients. After checking laboratory tests for any other similar condition in the patient , our Dermatologist can treat this loss of pigment condition with narrowband Ultraviolet light. The earlier treatment starts, the more likely your pigmentation will return.